We conduct workshops on various concepts relevant to mental health care and emotional wellbeing for schools, colleges and corporates. The basic objective of these workshops is to spread awareness, psycho-educate and uplift the wellbeing of our community. Emotional empowerment and development of individuals is the motive of these workshops. There is a wide range of age appropriate topics for various populations. Few concepts of our seminar for schools are peer pressure, good touch bad touch, bullying, among others. Some of the topics for college students are self care, assertiveness, anger management, whereas team building, motivation, leadership skills, conflict resolution are few of the concepts of seminars for the Corporates.

These seminars are curated to optimize the overall wellbeing of the attendees. The purpose of these workshops is to best equip them in handling their emotional difficulties and optimize their functionality. Our workshops are essentially interactive; include thought provoking discussions, deliberations so that the attendees have a clear, in depth understanding of the concepts. These workshops also include insightful activities, which are engaging that will help them increase their clarity of the concepts. We also provide self-help handouts, which they can get back to in the absence of any professional guidance. A one on one counseling session or a group session is also provided post the workshops. In these sessions the attendees can open- up about the issues they are facing in private and also clear doubts on the concepts discussed.

Please note that we customize our seminars based on the needs of the organization.