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Grey Matters Wellness is a Holistic & Wellbeing-focused Mental Health organization. We provide Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Psychological-Assessments, Graphology, Dance Movement Therapy, Internships, Workshops & other clinically effective facilities that are tailor-made to suit personal needs. Our workshops/seminars are interactive and solution focused involving discussions, deliberations and activities enabling individuals to better understand the issue at hand.
Our training & internships are specially curated for Psychology aspirants to aid their journey in becoming effective Mental Health professionals.
Our team consists of experts who believe in holistic development of individuals and are experienced in dealing with a variety of issues that are faced by individuals, couples & families at every stage of life.

What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?

Do I need Therapy?



Thankfully, we live in a day and age where therapy has shed the stigma of only being for ‘crazy’ people. And yet the outdated notion still persists that you have to feel awful or have a life that is in pieces to benefit from Counselling.

Most of us make the decision to go for therapy when there is something in our lives we want to address, whether that is a recent experience or a more long-standing difficulty.  Sometimes these difficulties involve a feeling of prolonged and overwhelming sadness, emotional disturbances, and helplessness and hinders with daily functioning. They may also face issues with their families and loved ones. People might also involve in self-defeating behaviours that are harmful for the self or others or they might face problems with sexuality.

A Counselor or Psychotherapist provides support to people experiencing emotional difficulties by helping them to identify and work through their issues. Psychological Counselling or Therapy aims to enable clients to understand their feelings, and what makes them feel positive, anxious, or depressed. This can equip them to cope with difficult situations in a more adaptive way. Mental health professionals use therapeutic interventions and techniques to help people reach their own resolutions or develop strategies to address and remedy their concerns.

A therapist creates a safe environment and offers a neutral perspective for you to begin to unpack and finally deal with repressed emotions and experiences. Working with a therapist can be an incomparable opportunity to get to know you.

Therapy, despite the things you might have heard, is not at all about blaming others or feeling sorry for yourself. It’s about finding support and clarity to take total responsibility for the choices you have made, which means you can then have power to make better choices for your future.

Therapy can be a rich and life-changing experience and it is as unique as the match of client-therapist. Counselling is a great way to identify what is stopping you from feeling good about yourself and source new ways to grow your self-worth.

Therapy is wonderful for helping you get beneath what is going on and see the hidden reasons for your choices. Damaging behaviours are often connected to deep-seated beliefs we have about ourselves. Therapy helps you not only recognize these core beliefs but find ways to change them so that you are finally free to make better decisions.

Still asking yourself, ‘Do I Need Counseling?’

If you are not feeling at peace with your life, if you are experiencing stress and anxiety that is overwhelming, or you just sense that having someone to talk to could affect real change in your life, then now is the right time to work with a therapist or counselor.

Life is not always easy and nobody has all of the answers, all of the time. Perhaps you’ve run out of strategies for how to deal with a life that increasingly feels out of control. Perhaps you aren’t even sure exactly why you feel stressed every day, but you just know that the sense of overwhelm is increasing.

The good news is that therapy isn’t just for those who feel sad, it’s also great for stress and anxiety, and a counselor can help you figure out the reasons behind any unexplained overwhelm as well help you make life choices that work better for you.

A great variety of strategies and types of solutions to your problem are available but the most important ingredient for effectiveness is that you and the therapist develop a positive, trusting, and respectful therapeutic relationship.


All sessions at Grey Matters Wellness are strictly confidential.

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